Sunday, May 18, 2014

So obsessed with rhinestones!


Recently I've found myself wearing rhinestone nail art a lot. Its so easy to do and adds some super simple bling to some of my favorite nail colors.

This was the first manicure I did with them, and I LOVED it! I wore it for nearly a week before I decided to change my polish and the rhinestones didn't budge a bit!
The pink polish is NYC - Lincoln Square Lavender, one of my favorites!

We bought my cat nail caps recently due to us purchasing brand new furniture. He's not a scratcher but we did notice a tiny mark or two just from him jumping off of it, so caps were the solution. I picked blue out so it'd be easy to see if one falls off, and I decided to match with him!

I went for the simple one rhinestone look again. The polish is BP by Nordstrom.. not sure of the name, honestly. It isn't listed on the bottle! Boo..

I'm waiting for some more rhinestones and other nail art things to arrive in the mail, once I have those I've got some more manis in mind!

Are you obsessed with rhinestones like I am?

Also, you may have noticed the change in name! I have moved over from nailsss.blogspot.com to nailesque.blogspot.com . In the future I plan to move to my own domain, but not right away. I'm still making plans. (Also, if you have advice, lay it on me.. lol)
Hopefully you like the changes and, as always..

Thanks for reading!


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