Friday, July 16, 2010

I'm bad at posting often!

So, I had gotten myself a notebook to organize future blogposts and ideas to blog about, so it would be easier and I wouldn't put it off or not have material.
And.. I lost it. And I got so mad for losing it that I didn't post!.. I'm really stubborn.

Anyway, to the important stuff!

This is Pure Ice - Mint Dream. In the bottle, it looks like a white color with a green shine.. I couldn't resist.
I tried a little on.. and was surprised it was so sheer! But I probably shouldn't have. It's a GREAT layering color! I decided to try it with Pure Ice - Wild Thing

With only Wild Thing
And with Mint Dream on top..
It's hard to see, but basically it makes it a two-toned green with a very green shine! It's green all over the place, and its very cool. I'm excited to experiment with this color.

To try to show the shine better, I made a short video.

Can you see it better in the video?
Sorry for any background noise, theres music playing.. heh.

Thanks for reading (:

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Love My Nails - Starbright

So, the next polish purchase of mine.. Love My Nails in Starbright. I bought it for its sparkle and stars, and it only cost me a dollar!

I played around with it a little and it is super easy to place the pink and purple stars on your nail and use them for nail art! Its cute by itself, too.

I put some stars over Bon Bons in Birthday Suit. It's hard to see... sorry.

I think its funny how it says "For that deep wet look" on the bottle... but I guess it makes sense. But It's kind of stating the obvious!

Have a nice night!

Friday, July 2, 2010


Still haven't found that Revlon nailpolish! I think its gone forever.

But, anyway, main point of this entry:

I went to Walmart and decided I was going to treat myself to a new nail polish. I had been looking for a teal nail polish for a long time, so I went with Petites in Figi (#512).
Its a darker teal with a slight shimmer and it is just gorgeous!
It's more of a blue teal, I'd love to get some teals more on the green side too.

I'm not sure why, but this picture doesn't quite look like the one I own. I can't seem to find any that do, though. I'll throw it in when I can make a swatch.

I could have SWORN I had a picture of this on me, but apparently it got deleted? Oh well.. sorry about that.

The application was smooth, despite my initial concern about the small brush. It went on very opaque after only one coat, but I went ahead and put a second for smooth's sake. I'm going to be wearing this a lot when I can, but I would love to invest in a few more teals!

Thanks for reading :D

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Oh, and I also meant to mention this today. :P

The other day I had the day off.. so I painted my nails!

 I used The Color Workshop #17 for the red and my silver glitter Art Deco for the tip. Too bad I had to remove it a day later!
If anybody is curious about The Color Workshop nailpolishes, let me know and I'll post about them. I probably will eventually, but if someone is really curious it can be sooner than later. (:


SO behind! Time to start catching up.

So.. wow. I'm so behind in posting. I've gotten.. 12 polishes since I last posted (including base/top coats and minis, but still!) And get this.. I am finally the proud owner of Orly, Essie, and China Glaze! But I'm going to catch up about all this in the next few days, because it would be the longest post ever.

I was at work the other day and I put the lid on a cup to make an Icee, and..


My pinky nails used to be the same length. :( It's so short now!

I also realized something recently.. I'm missing a nail polish! I wanted to try something with a specific nail polish, and when I went to look for it it wasn't there! I haven't used it for awhile so maybe it got lost during the move? I hope I find it.. it was a very sheer, pretty nude color by Revlon. I'll let you know.

Thanks for reading! I promise I'll keep up this time. (:

Friday, June 11, 2010

Small dollar store haul/some nail art.

Went to the dollar store last night for a toilet bowl brush, and of course came out with way more than that.

They only had black and white last time I checked, but they had sparkley silver and pink yesterday! So I picked up the silver.
Since I can't paint my nails, I buy cheap fakies so I can practice and play around. The red ones were only 50 cents (:
They started selling some e.l.f. too! I've heard some awesome things about them so I couldn't help but pick up this eyeshadow brush. But when I took it out of the case later.. the silver part fell off of the handle! :( But luckily I had also picked up super glue.. so I just glued it back on. It's been awesome since, very nice brush.

I also picked up super glue (like I already mentioned) and cotton balls and that sort of thing.

Then I came home and couldn't help but do some painting.. (warning, blurry picture)
The first one was just a simple dotted thing, just to warm up.
The second was a black french with a deep smile line, the silver glitter polish I just bought, and a purple chrome polish (although I had originally made it yellow and changed my mind).
The last is my favorite, a glitter french tip with black lines and polka dots. Let me post a picture of that one..
You can sort of see those dots..

I can't wait to get a camera.

Anyway, long post! Thanks for reading!

And I have a question for anybody who has an answer: what affordable cameras take clear pictures of nails and close ups? I used to have a cheaper camera but almost ALL the pictures were blurry, so heck with nails! The cheaper the better :P


Thursday, June 10, 2010

My little box of nail polish.

So, I don't own much nail polish at the moment.
In fact, I own only 27 bottles (not including clear/top/base coat) and 6 of them are minis.
But I still have to find somewhere to store them.

For awhile, I'd been storing them in a huge drawer in one of those 3-tiered plastic storage containers. But I was wasting so much room.
So the other day, I went out to Walmart and bought the perfect little container.. and it only cost me 3 dollars!
I don't have a ruler at the moment (when I moved I misplaced so many things!) but I would say it's between 5 - 6 inches tall, perfect to store even my Art Deco polishes.
And considering I currently have 29 bottles in there, you could probably fit at around 40 in there, depending on size.

Being someone who has a very limited polish collection at the moment, this works perfectly.
And they're flat on top, so if I find that I need more, I can just grab another! I think they're fantastic.

I love storage.

And one last thing, here's my kitten, Flapjack. He's a newer member of our household, only been here a few weeks.

Thanks for reading! Have a nice day :D

Kind of old, but I can't help myself.

I have been *dying* to try Essie.
Not only am I in love with the colors, but I love the bottle and obviously I've heard such great things about Essie.
And speaking of in love with colors..
I want the Essie Resort Collection SO much!
All of the colors just look incredible.. especially Splash of Grenadine.
I'm considering saving for the mini collection, even though I still can't paint my nails (but I can paint my toes!).
But I really want the full bottles of them, I have a feeling I would love them until the bottle ran dry.

Not only that, but I can only get them online. I live in the middle of nowhere.
I'll see what I can do.

Monday, June 7, 2010


I mostly created this for the moment to rave a bit about nail related stuff that I like and so I can follow all the nail blogs that I love to read.
But my lack of camera and my lack of a job that lets me paint my nails will keep me (for now) from posting too much about my own nails.

Hopefully that will change soon!

I might post some stuff with my camera phone.. but it is a camera phone. (:

Anyway. Thanks for reading (if anyone is)!

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