Friday, June 11, 2010

Small dollar store haul/some nail art.

Went to the dollar store last night for a toilet bowl brush, and of course came out with way more than that.

They only had black and white last time I checked, but they had sparkley silver and pink yesterday! So I picked up the silver.
Since I can't paint my nails, I buy cheap fakies so I can practice and play around. The red ones were only 50 cents (:
They started selling some e.l.f. too! I've heard some awesome things about them so I couldn't help but pick up this eyeshadow brush. But when I took it out of the case later.. the silver part fell off of the handle! :( But luckily I had also picked up super glue.. so I just glued it back on. It's been awesome since, very nice brush.

I also picked up super glue (like I already mentioned) and cotton balls and that sort of thing.

Then I came home and couldn't help but do some painting.. (warning, blurry picture)
The first one was just a simple dotted thing, just to warm up.
The second was a black french with a deep smile line, the silver glitter polish I just bought, and a purple chrome polish (although I had originally made it yellow and changed my mind).
The last is my favorite, a glitter french tip with black lines and polka dots. Let me post a picture of that one..
You can sort of see those dots..

I can't wait to get a camera.

Anyway, long post! Thanks for reading!

And I have a question for anybody who has an answer: what affordable cameras take clear pictures of nails and close ups? I used to have a cheaper camera but almost ALL the pictures were blurry, so heck with nails! The cheaper the better :P


Thursday, June 10, 2010

My little box of nail polish.

So, I don't own much nail polish at the moment.
In fact, I own only 27 bottles (not including clear/top/base coat) and 6 of them are minis.
But I still have to find somewhere to store them.

For awhile, I'd been storing them in a huge drawer in one of those 3-tiered plastic storage containers. But I was wasting so much room.
So the other day, I went out to Walmart and bought the perfect little container.. and it only cost me 3 dollars!
I don't have a ruler at the moment (when I moved I misplaced so many things!) but I would say it's between 5 - 6 inches tall, perfect to store even my Art Deco polishes.
And considering I currently have 29 bottles in there, you could probably fit at around 40 in there, depending on size.

Being someone who has a very limited polish collection at the moment, this works perfectly.
And they're flat on top, so if I find that I need more, I can just grab another! I think they're fantastic.

I love storage.

And one last thing, here's my kitten, Flapjack. He's a newer member of our household, only been here a few weeks.

Thanks for reading! Have a nice day :D

Kind of old, but I can't help myself.

I have been *dying* to try Essie.
Not only am I in love with the colors, but I love the bottle and obviously I've heard such great things about Essie.
And speaking of in love with colors..
I want the Essie Resort Collection SO much!
All of the colors just look incredible.. especially Splash of Grenadine.
I'm considering saving for the mini collection, even though I still can't paint my nails (but I can paint my toes!).
But I really want the full bottles of them, I have a feeling I would love them until the bottle ran dry.

Not only that, but I can only get them online. I live in the middle of nowhere.
I'll see what I can do.

Monday, June 7, 2010


I mostly created this for the moment to rave a bit about nail related stuff that I like and so I can follow all the nail blogs that I love to read.
But my lack of camera and my lack of a job that lets me paint my nails will keep me (for now) from posting too much about my own nails.

Hopefully that will change soon!

I might post some stuff with my camera phone.. but it is a camera phone. (:

Anyway. Thanks for reading (if anyone is)!

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