Friday, August 30, 2013

Blog Your Heart Out Award!

Hi! I've been nominated for the Blog Your Heart Out Award by The Nail Snail!! Hooray!

I'm going to answer these 5 questions for you, and then recommend 5 bloggers with less than 100 followers so they can gain a little bit of visibility! It was really cool to learn that people actually see my blog and think I'm doing a good job. Being a new blogger can be an odd experience when you're learning how it all works and hoping that people actually see your blog. Getting this award motivates me to keep going! So thank you so much, The Nail Snail!


Friday, August 23, 2013

Sally Hansen Cuticle Remover Review


I have to admit, while I have always loved polishing my nails, I can't honestly say I've taken care of them. Not that I abuse them or anything, I actually have mild eczema so I've always been pretty good with skincare - but I haven't particularly had a routine for nail care. I would say my biggest issue is cuticle care. Honestly, my cuticles have not been a pretty sight. You can probably tell from pictures I've posted up to a week or two ago. 

I purchased Sally Hansen's Cuticle Remover from Target for $4.99 plus tax. I needed something that would be wallet friendly and still work. 

I wanted to give this a good trial before I made judgments about it, so here's how my experience has been. 
The idea is that you squeeze this gel onto your cuticles, let it sit for a short while (the box says 15 seconds, I gave it 30 seconds) and then scrape off the dead skin with an orange stick. My first experience was a good one - using this did get off a good amount of the excess cuticle - but it wasn't all gone. I was using a soft cuticle pusher that is on the end of my The Body Shop Almond Oil Cuticle Treatment which isn't nearly as solid as a regular old orange stick, so I decided to wait a week and give it another go.

The second time I used it a week later, mostly dry skin came off the sides, but my cuticle is still a little bit not right. However, I used the same "stick", so I honestly think before I try again I'm going to pick up some real orange sticks and that will enable me to really get my cuticles to go away!
Also, note that a little goes a long way, so this bottle will last me a long time.

I encourage you to give it a try, and thanks for reading!

Sunday, August 11, 2013

The simplest dotted manicure ever!


So sorry that I haven't posted this week - I just started a new job and not only have I been busy, but I've been exhausted! Also, fair warning - this manicure was done and photographed during this tiring week, so the pictures aren't fantastic. Anyway, enough disclaimers!

I started with a base of Sally Hansen - Mint Sorbet (#340). This is my first true mint color - I have a few that come close, but are really more regular greens and teals. This one is a real subtle mint pastel. It looks a little lighter in person, and these pictures were also taken at night. I took these in case it chipped before I got a chance to take daylight pictures, and boy did it chip! Don't worry though, this was due to working, not due to bad polish.

Next I created dots with Color Club - Dreamin'. This is a pretty warm pink color. Over the Mint Sorbet, it looked a bit orangey. I made the dots with a pin, since I lost my dotting tool a few moves ago. I really should grab a new one.

I thought this looked cool, and then my boyfriend commented that it "looks like fungus in a good way". I decided today was just not the week for color choices, I guess.

Thanks for reading!


Sunday, August 4, 2013

Pure Ice - Over You


I recently saw this polish at Walmart and I couldn't help but pick it up. Over You by Pure Ice is a gorgeous and unique polish - a purple shimmer with light blue/teal glitter. Some of the teal is bar glitter. If you haven't tried Pure Ice polishes I beg you - stop by your local Walmart and give it a go. These polishes have good formulas, unique colors, and they only cost about $2 a pop!!

This is one coat on top of Ulta - Tutu Cute. 

Also, I've read that there are two different "Over You"s, one is like mine, the other is a light blue micro glitter. Odd that they would name two of their polishes the same name when they are so different looking! If I ever spot "Number Two", I'll pick it up and compare them.

Thanks for reading!

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