Sunday, August 11, 2013

The simplest dotted manicure ever!


So sorry that I haven't posted this week - I just started a new job and not only have I been busy, but I've been exhausted! Also, fair warning - this manicure was done and photographed during this tiring week, so the pictures aren't fantastic. Anyway, enough disclaimers!

I started with a base of Sally Hansen - Mint Sorbet (#340). This is my first true mint color - I have a few that come close, but are really more regular greens and teals. This one is a real subtle mint pastel. It looks a little lighter in person, and these pictures were also taken at night. I took these in case it chipped before I got a chance to take daylight pictures, and boy did it chip! Don't worry though, this was due to working, not due to bad polish.

Next I created dots with Color Club - Dreamin'. This is a pretty warm pink color. Over the Mint Sorbet, it looked a bit orangey. I made the dots with a pin, since I lost my dotting tool a few moves ago. I really should grab a new one.

I thought this looked cool, and then my boyfriend commented that it "looks like fungus in a good way". I decided today was just not the week for color choices, I guess.

Thanks for reading!


CherryPrincess said...

Looks great!
I like the color! :)


Dream It Up Nails By COLLEEN said...

Very cute! :)

nailsss said...

Thanks! I thought it was an interesting combo. Thanks for reading!

nailsss said...

Well thank you! Thanks for reading.

HG said...

I love the fact how the color contrast eachother and the same time compliment it ;)

nailsss said...

Thanks!! I'm glad you liked it!

Emily Rose said...

I love the colour combination of the dots <3 x

Alexandria Brady said...

So pretty! Reminds me of dinosaur eggs ;)

nailsss said...

Thank you Emily! Thanks for reading!

nailsss said...

Haha, that is a good way to look at it, I agree! Thanks for reading.

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