Thursday, August 7, 2014

Parrot Polish!

Press Release


Today I have a brand new Indie polish brand to show you! They're called Parrot Polish, named simply after their love for birds! Their polishes are 3 free, and they have a pretty great selection! On to the swatches..

Purple Haze
3 coats
No top coat

This is a pretty purple polish with a subtle teal shine to it! The shine was hard to capture on camera, but it is a gorgeous polish.

2 coats
No top coat

Blink! is a dusty pink with a slight purple shimmer to it. Again, its subtle, but its there and it differentiates this polish from any other pink. Super nice for the spring time, can't wait to wear it then!

I took a close up so you can better see the purple shimmer! Its very apparent in the sun.

1 coat over black
No top coat

My personal favorite of the 3, Essence is a gorgeous topper with pink and purple shimmer in. One coat adds the perfect amount of color! I've also tried it over Blink! and they are basically made for each other. I forgot to take pictures though.. sigh.

Check out Parrot Polish over at www.parrotpolish.com. They have quite the selection of polishes so theres bound to be something for everyone!

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Sunday, June 15, 2014

Can we talk about Nailtini for a minute?


I received my May Ipsy bag recently which contained Nailtini Nail Polish in the color Bloody Mary.

Generally retailing around $12, this isn't a polish that I would normally pick up nowadays due to my unfortunate part time employment at the moment. But.. stay with me here.

This is ONE COAT with NO top coat! I couldn't believe it. It completely covers everything, applied really well, was basically streak free and shined like crazy! 

I decided to pop China Glaze - Fang-tastic on top and Seche Vite on that and voila, easy and colorful manicure!

I must try more Nailtini products in the future.

What is your favorite nail polish brand?

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Thursday, June 5, 2014

I've got a bottle of nail polish and a microscope.


Can I start by telling you.. I am so excited about this post.
About a week ago, my boyfriend purchased a microscope. Its nothing super duper fancy but its nice and its fun to have. So obviously.. we took pictures of nail polish.

First, let me show you the polish we're looking at today: Orly - Aqua Pixel

Aqua Pixel is described by Orly as an Aqua 3D Glitter with a Pixelated Finish. It is essentially a liquid sand polish that dries gritty and sandy, and it also looks gorgeous smoothed out with a top coat. This is already a complex and beautiful polish.

And here it is underneath a microscope!

So weird that it looks way more blue. But honestly, a lot of polishes didn't look like we imagined they would! Also the bottle and swatch pictures are a bit lighter than it looks in real life.

Since this was literally the first polish we looked at, the picture isn't perfect. Probably also because we took it by sticking my camera against the eyepiece like absolute noobs. However, once I can afford to I'd love to get a picture/video taking eyepiece for it so I can take way better pictures of polishes!

I'm thinking I'll make a bit of a series of this, since I think its SO FREAKING COOL.

I honestly think it looks like a blue desert. So crazy! And I've got a bunch more really cool polishes to show you in future posts!

What polish would you want to see under a microscope?

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Sunday, May 18, 2014

So obsessed with rhinestones!


Recently I've found myself wearing rhinestone nail art a lot. Its so easy to do and adds some super simple bling to some of my favorite nail colors.

This was the first manicure I did with them, and I LOVED it! I wore it for nearly a week before I decided to change my polish and the rhinestones didn't budge a bit!
The pink polish is NYC - Lincoln Square Lavender, one of my favorites!

We bought my cat nail caps recently due to us purchasing brand new furniture. He's not a scratcher but we did notice a tiny mark or two just from him jumping off of it, so caps were the solution. I picked blue out so it'd be easy to see if one falls off, and I decided to match with him!

I went for the simple one rhinestone look again. The polish is BP by Nordstrom.. not sure of the name, honestly. It isn't listed on the bottle! Boo..

I'm waiting for some more rhinestones and other nail art things to arrive in the mail, once I have those I've got some more manis in mind!

Are you obsessed with rhinestones like I am?

Also, you may have noticed the change in name! I have moved over from nailsss.blogspot.com to nailesque.blogspot.com . In the future I plan to move to my own domain, but not right away. I'm still making plans. (Also, if you have advice, lay it on me.. lol)
Hopefully you like the changes and, as always..

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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Jazzy Jubilant <3


Today I have another quick mani showcasing a polish I received as a gift!

Polishes used:

NYC - Sidewalkers
Essie - Jazzy Jubilant

Also bonus model Flapjack. 

Thanks for reading!

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Thursday, March 13, 2014

A Quick Pink Mani (for St. Patty's Day..?) AKA Love, Crazy Love


I have a simple pink mani that I did moments ago, that I wanted to share.

Polishes Used:

Pure Ice - Love (Light Pink)
Pure Ice - Crazy Love (Dark Pink)
Kiss Nail Art - Silver Glitter Striping Polish
OPI Top Coat
Two coats of everything except the top coat.

I love that the colors are called Love, and Crazy Love. Also, I totally forgot that it is St. Patty's weekend and I will be sporting bright pink on my nails. Oh well.

This is my first time using the OPI Top Coat, we'll see how it is! It is crazy shiny, I can tell you that now.

Thanks for reading!


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