Friday, July 2, 2010


Still haven't found that Revlon nailpolish! I think its gone forever.

But, anyway, main point of this entry:

I went to Walmart and decided I was going to treat myself to a new nail polish. I had been looking for a teal nail polish for a long time, so I went with Petites in Figi (#512).
Its a darker teal with a slight shimmer and it is just gorgeous!
It's more of a blue teal, I'd love to get some teals more on the green side too.

I'm not sure why, but this picture doesn't quite look like the one I own. I can't seem to find any that do, though. I'll throw it in when I can make a swatch.

I could have SWORN I had a picture of this on me, but apparently it got deleted? Oh well.. sorry about that.

The application was smooth, despite my initial concern about the small brush. It went on very opaque after only one coat, but I went ahead and put a second for smooth's sake. I'm going to be wearing this a lot when I can, but I would love to invest in a few more teals!

Thanks for reading :D


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