Friday, July 16, 2010

I'm bad at posting often!

So, I had gotten myself a notebook to organize future blogposts and ideas to blog about, so it would be easier and I wouldn't put it off or not have material.
And.. I lost it. And I got so mad for losing it that I didn't post!.. I'm really stubborn.

Anyway, to the important stuff!

This is Pure Ice - Mint Dream. In the bottle, it looks like a white color with a green shine.. I couldn't resist.
I tried a little on.. and was surprised it was so sheer! But I probably shouldn't have. It's a GREAT layering color! I decided to try it with Pure Ice - Wild Thing

With only Wild Thing
And with Mint Dream on top..
It's hard to see, but basically it makes it a two-toned green with a very green shine! It's green all over the place, and its very cool. I'm excited to experiment with this color.

To try to show the shine better, I made a short video.

Can you see it better in the video?
Sorry for any background noise, theres music playing.. heh.

Thanks for reading (:


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