Saturday, July 27, 2013

Some (awesome) changes!


If you've been to my blog before you may notice that it looks completely different. Yesterday I decided Nailsss needed an upgrade and I am about 95% done tweaking it for now. It took a good chunk of time to get right, so please let me know if you like it or if you see anything not functioning as intended. 

I've added some awesome things, such as some pages at the very top where you can read a short "About Nailsss" post, access my full list of every polish I own, and contact me. I'm going to start working today on a list of my most wanted polishes, and once it is completed (for now) I will post it on top as well.

I've also made it easy for you to follow me! You can go up top to follow me via Bloglovin and follow me via Instagram. You can also add me on Google Friend Connect via the sidebar.

Also, you can shoot me an email at with any comments, questions, requests, etc.!

I hope you like the changes (I do!)

Since I had no nail polish for you today, here is a picture of my cat, Flapjack. He claimed that shoebox as soon as the shoes were out of it!

Thanks for reading!


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