Monday, July 29, 2013

B.P. by Nordstrom Blue "No Name"


Today I wanted to show you one of my favorite blue polishes that I own. It is by B.P. by Nordstrom, a brand from their junior's department. My main issue is that while it does have a name, it is not listed on the bottle. It is one of their older style bottles so it is no longer listed on the website. If I manage to find the name I will update this post... wish me luck.

Sorry for the pre-cleanup, I had worn it as nail art and I didn't clean up until the end.

This is a gorgeous darker blue with a sort of vinyl or matte finish. The formula is smooth and is opaque in two coats. I love B.P. nail polishes because they're good quality and full price they are $5 with free shipping. You can find them in store or at the rack too, and you might find them on sale (this was marked down to $2.49, plus I had my discount at the time). 

Thanks for reading!


la gazelle said...

This is a nice color!

nailsss said...

I think so too! Thanks for reading.

Galorious Blog said...

wow, this is such an amazing blue!

nailsss said...

Its even better IRL :D Thanks!

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