Sunday, November 17, 2013

Luvocracy - Obsessed!


I'm having a little trouble finding the cord to upload pictures from my camera, but I still wanted to post today! I've recently discovered a new website and mobile app - Luvocracy. 

Think of Pinterest - you can view people's collections, see items they recommend, and "trust" them (the same as liking or following them).. but the best part is you can shop through the website! When you are viewing someone's collections and you see something you need to have, you buy it straight from their page and Luvocracy will even search to try and get the best price available for the product!

Its a lot of fun - and you can even earn credit towards your purchases when someone buys through your page!

I don't want to go on and on - check it out for yourself! While you're there, you can hit the "trust" button on my page so you can see what I recommend. I do have a nail polish/nail product specific collection that I plan on updating frequently, so follow me!

Thanks for reading!


Haniya Sajid said...

nice blog
lets follow each other
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