Saturday, October 26, 2013

Color Club Swatches!


This last Christmas (2012) my boyfriend was a genius and put a bunch of Color Club nail polish minis in my stocking! I have tried one or two of them but its October now and I wanted to swatch them finally! I also think the colors he picked are pretty great for the upcoming Fall season as well.

This is my first "swatch" post and my pictures aren't perfect - fair warning ;)

Top pictures are without flash, bottom pictures are with flash.


Dreamin is a pretty medium pink. I really like the color, but it was both a little bit thick and a little bit sheer, which made it a bit difficult to apply.
Shown is 3 coats of Dreamin.


Strawberry Sharbet is a super sparkley pink glitter. I was so excited about this one but was sorely disappointed! I don't know if its just my bottle or what, but this polish was SO thick, it was nearly impossible to apply. I want to try it again with some thinner in it. You can really see on my pointer finger how difficult it was to apply evenly! However,  it is totally wearable by itself and is nice and opaque for a glitter. Anyone else have this problem with this polish?
Shown is 2 coats of Strawberry Sharbet.


Flair is a pretty tomato red. This polish applied much better than the first two! What a relief. Also, if you look at the flash its got a gorgeous orange sheen to it! A really nice polish.
Shown is 2 coats of Flair.

Black-ish is a GORGEOUS bronze-purple-red-brown color. This is perfect for fall, and is my favorite of the bunch. This applies smoothly and is very opaque. You really only need 2 coats of this. I will probably repurchase this in the future in full size!
Shown is 3 coats of Black-ish.


First of all, I am 99% sure this is Blue-Topia, but the label on the bottom was gone before I even got it for Christmas, waaaah! I wish they didn't put their labels on the bottom. This is a dark navy jelly and is honestly very pretty, but I'm not crazy about it. It applies nicely, but its so dark it looks like black most of the time. If it were a shade lighter I'd be absolutely nuts about it! Also, this stains like crazy, be careful!
Shown is 3 coats of Blue-Topia.

These colors are all super unique in my collection, none of them are like anything I have. I might have to try some nail polish thinner on Strawberry Sharbet, but for the fall these will be great to have.

Thanks for reading!


la gazelle nails said...

Love strawberry sorbet!
Btw I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award on my blog

E. said...

Love the first one the most:)

E. said...

Ps. I don't know if you take part in such things but I nominated you for The Versatile Blogger Award:)

nailsss said...

Hey thanks La Gazelle!!

nailsss said...

Thank you!! Means a lot!

Julia said...

I like Black-ish because he covers al your nails beautiful!

with only two coats :)
x julia

nailsss said...

Thanks! It is absolutely gorgeous, my favorite.

Ti said...

Da sind so schöne Farben dabei :)

nailsss said...

Ja, ich stimme!

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