Monday, September 16, 2013

Simple Tape "French" Manicure and Planning Ahead


I quickly wanted to mention that I want to start a "schedule" to my posts - this is barely a real schedule, but heres what I have in mind:

- I will post at the very minimum one post on Sunday. I have been busier due to my job and Sundays are a good day for me to post and do blog related things.. so this seems like a good fit! These posts will almost always be nail related.
- I will try to do an additional post at some point during the week. I have a sort of regular schedule but sometimes I will have Tuesday off, sometimes it will be Friday, etc. Depending on my life goings on, I will do my best to do an additional post then. Plenty of these will be nail related, but this is when I'm more likely to do a makeup/off topic sort of post.

Thats out the way, now for what you came here for!

This is a simple french manicure using scotch tape to get crisp, defined lines. I always jump at pinks and purples, so I wanted to throw some lesser used colors in! Really easy manicure to do, very cool effect! 

Products used:

Base Coat: Sally Hansen Nail Protex Vitamin-Fortified Strengthener
E.L.F. - Nude
NYC - High Line Green
China Glaze - Shower Together
Top Coat: NYC Grand Central Station

Thanks for reading!


HGNailDesign said...

nice color combo (:

Sveta Sanders said...

You have a great blog, and now I'm following you, I hope for reciprocity)

nailsss said...

Thank you HG!

nailsss said...

Thank you! Your nails are gorgeous!

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